Channeling is an altered stated that allows for the practitioner to access higher levels of thinking and clarity so they can effectively transmit and relay higher forms of energy, ideas, and information. I go into the channeling state to connect to my extraterrestrial spirit guide Riok, allowing him to use my voice to deliver these higher forms of information to the client.
Tao Astral Light
Energy Healing
This is a form of non-touch energy healing that uses the natural energies of the earth, planets, and stars, to wash, rinse, and recharge the client's body mind and spirit. The sessions involve the client lying in a relaxed position where they are able to follow me meditative ques, assisting them in going deeper into a state of wellness, allowing their body to make any necessary changes. The Astral Light is directed throughout the body most especially the brain, the 5 major organs and, and the spine. The session can be used in a variety of areas including the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of the persons. The purpose of the session is to restore balance and wellbeing within the person's body mind and spirit.

Wellness Consultations 
These consultations are designed to address from a TCM and naturalistic perspective the metabolism and status quo of the client's body. Information is then presented that includes supplements diet therapy, and qi gong to assist the client is restoring balance to their body and lifestyle. The session is not a substitute for medical advice nor should it be construed as medical advice. All information within the session is for informational purposes only. Always check with your primary care physician before making any changes to your lifestyle or diet
Universal Tao Meditations The universal Healing Tao Formula 1 mediations are the healing smile, 6 healing sounds, and microcosmic orbit. These techniques are the fundamentals of Taoist qi gong and are prerequisites for the higher Tao formulas. The inner smile is a body scanning mediation the programs the body and its major organs to generate positive energy. The 6 healing sounds are used to induce a parasympathetic state and to detox negative emotional energy. The microcosmic orbit is an energy cultivation meditation that circulates positive energy in the form of a chi ball up the spine and down the front of the body, balancing yin and yang, generating energy and rapidly transforming karma, The saying in the Tao is one revolution of the orbit is the equivalent to a year’s worth of karma transformation.
Learn to Channel 5 Week class This 5-week class teaches the basics of channeling and qi gong as a means of balancing one's energy and cultivating virtue to generate wisdom, which is of key importance in the practice of channeling. Exercises are given to assist in the client in diving deep into the channeling state, assisting them in suspending their normal personality ego, so they connect with the deep infinite awareness of their spirit guide, so the guide can be channeled through them. The class focuses on vocal channeling.

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